Supercharging Content Delivery with Varnish


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Amazing examples. I've used Varnish before, but it was always the "black magic that makes the site go." Understanding what it does, how, and more importantly why is amazing!

Anonymous at 18:08 on 20 Oct 2015

I work with Varnish a lot and I even do presentations about Varnish. Nonetheless I was very impressed with Samantha's presentation. She absolutely bossed it!

Love the cool presentation style and loved the attention to detail. She really pinpointed the right things people need to remember.

Although I didn't learn much about Varnish, I did appreciate the way she explained the Varnish features to people who don't have the experience. We'll definitely borrow/steal some of those ideas ;-)

I would definitely like to see more presentations by Samantha. Good job!