Symfony, the Official Best Practices!


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The presentation was informative but too much to absorb. Perhaps consider breaking into multiple sessions.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the feedback. I expected to be overtime. This is the second time I deliver this talk on a 60 minutes slot and it's very short. I will cut down some less interesting parts to make it fit a 45/50 min talk. In the end, it will give more room for questions. I hope you learnt new things. Thanks for attending the talk!

I liked it, thought there was really good info. Coming from the POV of writing a large ERP system I felt some of the recommendations to be geared mostly to small apps and obviously needed to be rethought from that perspective. However I think a lot of the info out there for PHP in general is like this and felt the Symfony recommendations might be easier to see what is appropriate to change than some others.