Templates with Twig - Easier than you Think


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Great content and fabulous energy!

There are some areas that could be improved:

For example, when taking about alternate syntax, taking a moment to demonstrate it would help out stick better in the audience's mind.

Like I said, the energy is fantastic, but better pacing and pauses will help get your content across.

I've only used Twig once. I wish I had seen this talk BEFORE I implemented it. Margaret does an excellent job of walking developers through how to implement Twig and make it useful. This is a great talk for anyone who is starting to use twig, or anyone currently using it. (I learned what I did wrong and why I had problems.)

Margaret is a great speaker. I love the energy she brings to the stage in each of her talks. I never miss a chance to see her speak and neither should you.

Great session on Twig! The slides were very clear and Margaret covered a lot of information, but reviewed key points throughout the session so it didn't feel overwhelming. I feel like I definitely have a better grasp on Twig and am excited to get started.

Anonymous at 09:12 on 23 Oct 2015