ZF2 Done Properly


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Very nice tutorial showing how to remove some bad practices from your ZF2 application if you've been doing things that way. Showed how to create ViewHelpers as well as cleanup the module.config.php and Module.php files. Only suggestion would be to add the unit tests so that the refactoring (which were multiple steps each across several files) doesn't blow up if you forget a step. It seemed a little like working without a safety net. Following along I missed a couple of spots a few times and would probably have been lost if I weren't very familiar with ZF2 already. Live coding went well and the talk was well done. Thank you.

ZF2 can be a bit confusing as there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. This helped highlight the best practices and the reasons why they are best practices.

Great presentation. Just setting my computer up FOR the in class example, I learned some new things I never knew about before. Although, because of my beginner status, I was unable to keep up with the edits done during class, I still learned a lot.

Very productive talk

Not enough time to cover every important point. Should have been all day tutorial

Very well organized presentation with 7 or 8 goals in sequence following a template of 'The Goal', 'The Why', 'The What to Do Steps' and finally the code to accomplish it. The goal, why and what are good practices to remember in any situation. Gary speaks well, is entertaining and interesting to listen to. I noticed his name on my recent jetbrains php annotated newsletter. It was an interesting read and I recommend it.

Anonymous at 12:30 on 22 Oct 2015

Really good content. Presenter was very knowledgeable and was clearly a domain expert.

The session did seem a bit rushed (probably squeezed down to fit the allotted time).

Well-structured and paced. Gary did a fantastic job with this tutorial, clearly explaining the "why" along with the "how" at each step of the refactor. I would have liked to see testing integrated as part of the refactor, but the subject matter was already constrained by the length of the tutorial slot so I can appreciate why it was not included in the agenda. The parts about removing boilerplate from ZendSkeletonApplication should hopefully be irrelevant soon as there's a PR over there to remove most of that stuff. The only real issue I had was that the Vagrant configuration bundled with the code repository was incomplete (no database configured) and so took some manual fiddling to get running. With the emphasis on playing along during the refactor it would have been convenient to be able to "vagrant up" and have a fully working application.

This was meant to be 5 starts. I blame fat fingers and the phone.

Excellent talk and very important in pointing to continuing misuse of some of zf2 features and shortcuts meant primarily for quick prototyping.
I stand by my previous comment: it should have been longer to cover even more of those.