ZF2, How the Arrays Will Save Your Project


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Michelangelo's topics are always very interesting and entertaining. Great job.

Enjoyable presentation. Only ironic thing was Michelangelo went straight from telling us how arrays are awesome (they are) to telling us to never ever use them to process records. He ended up saying why (primarily memory footprint) but might want to improve that transition. I would have liked a quick example of how to use iterators rather than arrays for this, but we did have limited time.

I would have loved to see more hints and trick with arrays/iterators and when/why we should use one over the other?

The topic was good and there was a good assertion about developers' misunderstanding of the benefits of using arrays for configuration. On the other hand, the title and description of the session is a little click-bait-y.

Great information about the performance of iterators vs arrays for database i/o.

Nice introduction to why every PHP developer should obsessively know the ins-and-outs of arrays. The title was a bit misleading; ZF2 does use arrays extensively so I get the connection, but this talk was as much about ZF2 as a talk about static methods is about Laravel. Beyond that the talk was well structured and paced, Michelangelo engaged the audience with questions as well as he could from the big stage, and had some really well-chosen examples to illustrate why a solid knowledge of PHP Array and the accompanying functions is so critical to building performant applications. Overall a great talk!