A continuous delivery pipeline from the future


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Ben Johnson at 12:29 on 21 Oct 2016

Mr. Cavicchioli's talk was humbling, as it reminded me just how little I know relative to the body of knowledge that exists in our industry. This was, by far, the most complicated subject-matter that I encountered at this conference. There are so many "moving parts", and the fact that the speaker understands all of them well enough to build a functional pipeline that is viable in real-world usage scenarios speaks to his expertise.

As a Florence native, I was impressed with the speaker's ability to articulate his ideas in English. He was perfectly understandable and I have tremendous respect for speakers for whom English is not their first language. It's difficult enough to understand and build these types of environments, but to articulate them in a non-native language is truly incredible.

I now have a massive laundry-list of new technologies and tools to explore, thanks to this talk!

Thanks for attending the session, please rate it as well.
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Daryl Wood at 08:48 on 24 Oct 2016

Very good topic matter and long overdue to the community.

Jason Davis at 11:34 on 24 Oct 2016

Very interesting topic but time constrained, maybe this would be a good tutorial topic

Very interesting speech, Massimiliano clearly explained a complex topic.