Aphorisms of API design


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While you presented some good concepts, and had some good advice, it was so interspersed with vitriolic comments about how his opinions are righteous and true that it was hard to find myself agreeing with Larry. Advice: change your tone so you're not calling everybody stupid throughout your talk. Think about how many command phrases you use. Literally you just asked everyone to raise their hand, "has anyone ever done X?", the "do you know how bad that is?" The way you present your message makes me loathe you.

Roger Plichta at 13:29 on 20 Oct 2016

Energetic delivery. Content and message was a little light.

Wasn't that much news for me but energetic presentation. Agree about keeping the commands a little lighter against the audience.

Alon Sabi at 09:02 on 21 Oct 2016

I liked the talk, the presenter made valid points, with good principles to follow. Very energetic.

Great points!

It felt like I was sat in a room for someone to shout at me for an hour. Not the best use of my time. Agree with what Grant has posted.