Docker for developers


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Adam Kammeyer at 13:37 on 18 Oct 2016

Excellent hands-on intro to Docker. I knew a lot of the concepts and it was nice to run the commands and see the results. Towards the end, it started to get difficult to keep up with the live demo.

Great and hands-on talk. Enough interaction with the speaker to get the most out of it. Was nice to be able to do the stuff on my laptop and see results and get the explanation to really know what's going on. Can't wait to go to the 'From Docker to production' talk also!

The commands used could have been provided along with the preparation instructions. That way we could follow the implementations without constantly having to request to see the full commands (the terminal windows did not fit the screen, and so parts of the commands would be hidden because of the scrolling)

Other than that, nice workshop.

Doug Johnson at 14:17 on 18 Oct 2016

Excellent job helping people with issues as they happened, as well as approaching the problem from the base level so people could understand each step from manual commands to docker files to docker composer, etc

Marcus Morgan at 10:06 on 19 Oct 2016

Easy to follow along and get different docker containers talking to each other. Simple explanations a great starting point for those just getting into docker.

Troy Potter at 06:31 on 20 Oct 2016

Coming from only hearing about Docker, your talk gave me enough information to decide if I should attempt to explain it to my boss and co-workers as a possible tool. Still looking for the slides to catch up with the commandlines, but awesome talk and demo for the tutorial session.

It was very informative and easy to follow.

The only issue I had was that the verbiage Docker spits out caused the commands you were running to go off screen pretty quickly.

If you could have them displayed somewhere for people who like to look down a lot like me, it would be very helpful!

Great overview. Rushed a few things at the end

Sunghee Lee at 15:51 on 20 Oct 2016

Great demo where i can find the ppt slide?

Ahmed Dirie at 07:07 on 24 Oct 2016

Excellent talk. I learned a lot about Docker and how to use it in development and production.