Hypermedia: Why you need it, and why you're doing it wrong


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Roger Plichta at 17:13 on 19 Oct 2016

Good overview.

Robert Black at 11:22 on 20 Oct 2016

Great talk. Would have loved some examples

Too much content on non-standardized methodolgies. Would have liked more comparative analysis between competing ideas. Also, while some of the problems with hypermedia were outlined, there were mostly abstract solutions given. Would have liked more concrete solutions to stimulate development community thoughts.

Hey Brandon - thank you for your feedback. One of the challenges regarding standards is that very few of the most widely adopted hypermedia specifications are in fact standards (such as JSON-LD which is not as popular as HAL). I also firmly believe it's important to understand where the space is headed and alternative methods, which is why we focused on resource driven vs. action driven and included Siren and CPHL. Unfortunately, our time was very limited, and the focus of this talk was to look at what hypermedia is, and why it's often implemented incorrectly, not to dive into the intricacies of hypermedia and it's current state. With that said, I have another presentation called "Hypermedia: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" which may be helpful if you're looking for a deeper dive into the issues. But keep in mind that this is still a real challenge that we're trying to solve, and as such there aren't necessarily going to be concrete answers to everything. Anyways, very happy to chat more about hypermedia if you want to catch me later today or shoot me an email. Thank you again for your feedback!

Good speaker. Mike knows what he is talking about! Some examples of the various implementations could help raise the level of understanding of the differences between the various specifications.

Justin Yost at 13:29 on 23 Oct 2016

Solid talk, overall though I would have liked less theory of Hypermedia and more discussion about the strategic benefits of it and more examples of it in specific cases.