Phing all the things!


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Colin O'Dell at 17:14 on 20 Oct 2016

Omni is very knowledgeable about Phing. I really like how he presented helpful advice and methodologies like tagging versions.

I do wish he went into more depth on why Phing was a good choice and how it compares to other build tools. The highlighting on the slides was a little hard to see, but that happens to everyone.

Overall I was impressed with his knowledge and felt he did a great job educating the audience on how to get going with Phing.

Ben Johnson at 12:27 on 21 Oct 2016

Mr. Adams was a bit under the weather, and I appreciated his willingness not to cancel his talk as a result. I'm a senior developer and will be introducing further automation into my organization's testing, build, and deployment processes, so I was interested in using Phing to handle the build portion.

The subject matter is a bit dry (pardon the pun), by its very nature, but Mr. Adams added a dash or two of humor to keep everyone engaged.

I definitely have a better sense of what Phing is designed to do. When I went into the talk, I wasn't sure whether it is a replacement for tools such as Jenkins, or whether it complements them (turns-out to be the latter). I learned just enough to feel confident that Phing is worth exploring as a candidate tool for furthering the extent to which our build process is not only automated, but extremely resilient.

My only recommendation would be to ensure that slides are scalable so that they consume the entire monitor, regardless of its resolution. The images used throughout the presentation were quite small relative to the size of the projector, which Mr. Adams acknowledged and will presumably correct going forward.