Web performance 2016: Myths and truths


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Excellent review of the basics of render and page speed optimization. Presentation was a little slow at times, but overall very well done.

Ben Johnson at 12:22 on 21 Oct 2016

Mr. Wenz was slightly difficult to understand, mostly because he spoke very quickly (hey, being excited about the subject matter is a good thing!), and to be fair, he covered a lot of material in an hour. Nonetheless, his message was well conveyed. The information presented is a must for any web developer to understand and integrate into daily workflow.

We ran out of time for questions from the audience, but I was confused as to the recommendation regarding ETags and Expires headers. One slide suggested that using these headers is imperative for maximum HTTP performance, but a subsequent slide suggested that their use creates an abundance of undesirable 304 (Not Modified) responses. But isn't that the whole point of using these headers -- to prevent browser-cached content from being re-requested and re-sent? Clarification in this regard would have been very helpful.

Lots of points covered and good info.

1 hour was too short for the talk, and some points were a bit rushed. Nice presentation, overall.