Websockets and event-driven programming with ReactPHP


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The content was interesting, but it was hard to follow at times.

A lot of good information on event driven programming based around promises, and reactphp.

Cy Odum at 11:15 on 20 Oct 2016

It felt like Steve struggled at times with what to say next.

Robert Black at 11:27 on 20 Oct 2016

Took this session and asynchronous yesterday. I found Steve's overall presentation easier to follow and had solid examples.

Steve Rhoades at 12:20 on 20 Oct 2016

The delivery was a little scattered and a little difficult to follow but I did like the fact that you covered the basics such as Promises and multiplexing.

The examples shown for promises weren't exactly clear what library or concept you were using however - this could be helpful to the attendees. In addition it was a little difficult to determine what examples you were showing ReactPHP, Icicle etc. Since it was labeled a ReactPHP framework I would have liked to have seen all the examples focused on that great, amazing and fantastic library (obvious bias =)).

There was also some information wasn't accurate - I cannot remember the exact specifics but my ears did perk a few times. One example I recall was some mention of problems with using MySQL in an asynchronous fashion. I am using MySQL asynchronously with ReactPHP with tremendous success - there are libraries out there.

I would be happy to discuss it further, feel free to track me down.

Steve Meyers (Speaker) at 14:08 on 20 Oct 2016

Cy and Steve - you're right, I also felt like it was a tad disjointed. It didn't help that I've had a headache today. :)

I hadn't seen the MySQL drivers for ReactPHP, I'll have to check those out. Thanks for letting me know! When I started working with ReactPHP, they didn't exist, and they aren't on the main ReactPHP web page.

Interesting and good introduction. Had hard following/understanding some parts but overall good.
Might remember wrong about this but the code on github could have comments explaining the code.

Interesting, slightly hard to follow. I feel websockets weren't given as much time as the title might have suggested

Jason Davis at 11:18 on 24 Oct 2016

I haven’t worked with websockets before, it was interesting to see them in action with php

I was hoping for more information about websockets, but this part of the session wasn't given enough attention.