See practical examples, in the context of a working 5250 RPG application, of how to integrate RPG, SQL, and other IBM i platform assets, with PHP. Learn the most up-to-date approach for structuring and configuring a Zend Expressive application. Learn about Expressive, the open source PHP microframework from Zend, and PSR-7, HTTP Messages, and Middleware. How about a real Zend Expressive web application that starts with CRUD, but goes beyond? How should models invoke RPG, DB2 queries, stored procedures? Where are "the controllers?" How do we handle sessions, authentication, caching for performance, and access control with middleware? This is not the standard sample application; this one begins with a small, but complete 5250-based RPG Order Entry and customer tracking application, and leverages the resources to build a mobile/tablet/desktop-friendly web application.


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