The IBM i platform is widely recognized as a supreme apparatus for complex elaborations. The modern, web-based workflows are forcing IBM i based corporations to expand the horizons of its deliveries. Is it truly necessary to denaturalize such a data driven, secure, mean machine? The session will explain how to guarantee the web consumption of the powerful business logic already existing in every IBM i platform, from any kind of device, in a secure and performant manner. The fulcrum enabling these workflows is Zend Apigility, a modern framework for building best-of-breed APIs in no time. The code examples will show typical HTTP-based interactions originating from all sorts of consumers (classic web pages, single page apps, handheld devices, etc.).


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Dan Lanza at 18:34 on 25 Oct 2017

Great session, lots to review and I loved the bonus material.

Aaron Todd at 06:53 on 30 Oct 2017

Great to see the possibilities of building an API centric service on the IBM i. Can't wait to officially implement this.

A great talk from Massimo, well done mate!