The original CRAY-1 Supercomputer was a 5-ton monster with just 8 MB of main memory, yet programming it can be a fun way to explore subtleties of PHP coding. In this session we indulge in programming "big iron" on "bare metal." We’ll look at CRAY-1 hardware instructions with the aim of understanding logic operations, boolean algebra, and octal arithmetic. As a Cray Research veteran, Edward has carried CRAY-1 logic design to both MySQL table design and PHP coding. After this session, you will as well.

EDIT: The second "code" link is to the reading list.


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matthew hill at 07:28 on 26 Oct 2017

a nostalgic look at one of the legends in our industry, and a catch-up on college engineering. a healthy reminder of WHY i got into programming in the first place.

Marc Snijman at 08:04 on 26 Oct 2017

Enjoyed the dive into the murky depths of assembly and the additional bits of information about the CRAY 1 of which I was not aware. Also, the brochures were a nice look at the past. Any chance of getting a hi-res scan of these?

Ed Barnard (Speaker) at 08:37 on 26 Oct 2017

@namjins Marc, Hit me up on Twitter, @ewbarnard. Some are already available online, but I can do some scanning as well. Do check: (links at bottom of page)

I'm glad you enjoyed the talk, thank you!

I enjoyed the history behind this, even if the binary logic was difficult for someone inexperienced like me.

Something you may look to improve, about the presentation, is that the slides are very busy. In the small room, the font-size and density were a little difficult to follow (and I was only half-way back in the room). In a bigger room, that might make the talk difficult to follow.

I also enjoyed seeing you again, and the conversations we had around the conference were delightful.

Michael Hart at 08:11 on 30 Oct 2017

On your PHP[World] webpage intro to the talk, you should change, "with just 8 MB" to something that describes that 8 MB, at that time, was an incredible amount.