Don't reinvent the wheel when developing PHP applications. Instead, re-use your valuable business logic. Reduce risk, speed development, reduce costs when developing web and mobile applications by calling RPG and COBOL programs, system commands, accessing data areas, and more, with the open source PHP Toolkit for IBM i, co-developed by IBM and Alan Seiden. The toolkit is free, flexible, supported by Zend and uses IBM's XMLSERVICE toolkit on the backend. In this session you'll:

- Create a modern PHP-based graphical interface that uses RPG/COBOL/CL building blocks
- Know when to access DB2 directly, and when to call a program
- Optimize toolkit performance


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Alan Seiden (Speaker) at 11:07 on 26 Oct 2017

Thanks, attendees, for your tenacity in waiting for me this morning. By way of appreciation, here are additional resources to answer questions from attendees:
1. Example of calling a service program from the toolkit:
2. How to install and use the toolkit using Composer:
3. New version of data structure mapping tool with fixed-format RPG support:

Since you didn't get the full session time: if you still have questions, please contact me and I'll answer them gladly. Thanks for a great ZendCon.

rodneyoliver at 13:24 on 26 Oct 2017

Good information on using the toolkit with RPG programs. If time allowed would love to have seen a live coding example of how to call an RPG. I, being an PHP developer and totally new to the RPG side, would have gained a lot more insight.

Class started late and I had to leave. Not blaming the instructor just putting all notes on the board

I wanted to hear this talk but the speaker was over 10 min late and I left.