Asynchronous software development is rapidly moving from the niche to the mainstream. That mainstream now includes PHP. This workshop will give you hands on instruction in building an asynchronous application in PHP. We'll build a Twitter Bot utilizing the Amp concurrency framework for PHP and the Twitter Streaming API. During this time you'll learn the basics regarding the Amp event loop, generators and co-routines, and writing non-blocking code. Get ready for the future of PHP today.


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Dan Lanza at 12:01 on 23 Oct 2017

Great talk and easy to follow. I can start applying this right away.

Julian at 17:09 on 23 Oct 2017

Would have loved to see more of the possibilities of the amphp library. I think that for this particular type of session I would prefer cloning the repo and screwing around with it once everything is in place. I don't find writing the code during sessions (this or any) to be beneficial. Still, the topic was super interesting and potentially game-changing! Oh, and a big thumbs down to the shitty wifi in the room (not the presenter's fault, obviously).

Brian Johnson at 08:51 on 24 Oct 2017

An interesting intro to some high level concepts, but I would've appreciated a deeper dive into concepts such as promises, generator/yield behavior, etc. The technical portion amounted to some copy/paste of a simple Amp example.