Immerse in the API world with Apigility. Learn how to take advantage of this tool to create APIs from scratch or to expose current functionality from an existent system. You'll learn the core API concepts, processes, functionality, logic, and in general how you can create good APIs, including documentation and all the considerations you must have.


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Joe Cartonia at 15:51 on 24 Oct 2017

I love what I see in Apigility. It will save me a lot of time; It appears that I won't have to spend all that time on writing input filters, custom routes, etc.
Very comprehensive slide show and professional presentation.

rodneyoliver at 22:09 on 24 Oct 2017

Great intro in how quickly you can get a robust API up and running. Christian did a great job on explaining the concepts and features of apigility. Wish we had more time for more full featured demo

mike parrish at 09:26 on 25 Oct 2017

Very well presented with a professional slideshow. Maybe a bit long-winded on explanations and content, which led to running out of time for the actual demo. I think most developers would have benefited from seeing the concepts put into practice in the demo, but we ran out of time.