Them: We're Hiring!
Me: Big deal, who isn't?

There is a talent war going on in tech, everybody is hiring! These days’ developers have their pick of jobs, so why should they pick yours? If you say "because you pay more" then you've already lost. High salaries may get them in the door, but it won't keep them in the long run, and it won't capture their hearts and minds, only their wallets. You need a strategy that will engage your developers, something that will make them want to make your projects a success. You need to do more than hire developers and call them a team. You have to build a "Culture of Respect". This session is more than just a guide to help you find developers to hire. It’s more than just a guide on how to set up an effective method of interviewing developers. It teaches you the hard part, keeping them once you've hired them. It takes a lot of effort and money to find and hire developers these day, once you get them, you need to learn to hold on to them. "Culture of Respect" deals with why you want to invest the time and energy to build a team that developers want to be a part of. Once you understand why, you dive deep into how.


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Kevin Stich at 10:08 on 26 Oct 2017

Great content on finding, hiring, managing, and developing talent!

Tony Stark at 10:19 on 26 Oct 2017

Great discussion. I heard Cal give a version of this talk a couple of years ago and its just as good this time around.

rodneyoliver at 13:38 on 26 Oct 2017

Cal once again shows his props as a great speaker. Always enjoyable and keeps the audience involved, even if they don't want to be. I recently moved from a senior developer to managing the team. So now I manage my peers. Would have loved to get some advice or thoughts on how to make/manage that transition.

Lots of great advice on helping team members succeed. Favorite line: "If you call your people resources...they get to call you overhead" perfect. In the same vein, "don't refer to your team as "my people"... you are not their king. They are people on your team.

Fantastic information. I went in to this talk because I *hope* to one day be a hiring influence and walked out knowing some tricks and tips I can apply today. Highly recommended even if you don't want to be a hiring manager.

Brian Johnson at 18:49 on 29 Oct 2017

Great talk. Also appreciated the personal advice provided by Cal after the talk.

The best talk!

Dan Chao at 08:42 on 2 Nov 2017

Very engaging talk! The content on the slides is very useful! The icing on the cake was culture tips like when voting on a potential employee the manager voted last. I really enjoyed the talk. Thank you!

mike parrish at 19:44 on 6 Nov 2017

Very well done. Excellent presentation. Any chance you can supply the slideshow? I had a work emergency so I had to step out during part of it and I'm sure I missed some good information.