It is. We'll start from a simple Symfony Microkernel application. Then change the Kernel to use Controllers as Commands and build classes to serve Data and Interaction to endpoints. Then we'll create tests for logic and behavior. Then we'll create more routes. Then we'll connect to a database. Then we'll improve it more. The intention is not to show "how to build an API from scratch" but evolve a Symfony Microkernel project as a Flexible Framework and explore more possibilities using Command pattern to split HTTP logic from business logic.


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Random User at 17:51 on 24 Oct 2017

cool project, nice talk, well done

A really interesting talk that made me think both about the tools I was using and the approach I have to building APIs. There's definitely a lot to take away from this, my only criticism is that it seemed like there was almost too much content to cover in the allotted time.

John at 16:28 on 26 Oct 2017

interesting idea, but I had trouble understanding what was motivating it. I did not understand why the need for a separation of commands and handlers and introduction of command bus.