Chatbots and conversational agents have become very popular in the recent years and there is a huge research effort to automate conversations in several applications. What are Chatbots? How can it benefit you? How do you write the code for it? These questions will be answered during the session with step by step directions so you can easily follow along. Come join us and build your first Chatbot in less than an hour!


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The first 10 or 15 minutes of the talk were really interesting and covered great material, but then the talk abruptly ended. I was hoping to see perhaps a live demo or a recording of the chatbots in action. I did learn while the talk was going in areas I haven't learned about in the past, but the talk was too short.

I was super excited for this talk. Wanting to build a chatbot was why I became a programmer in the first place.
Sadly, I don't feel as if I learned "how they can benefit me", "how to code for it", or "automating conversations". Some of this could be answered in lengthening the talk, others by expanding the description. For instance, I wish the description had said "we are going to build a very specific chatbot with a very specific set of tools for a very specific set of business reasons (and then have a list of the tools)" We spent the first few minutes of the talk trying to set up the tools and then, if you had a glitch in setup, you might as well put the development aside because the talk wasn't set up as a workshop and you had no hope of going back.

Also, I would love to have the slides. That way I could try again on my own time.