The IT security landscape is littered with events where cryptography was not properly used, leading to leaked sensitive data and major problems for organizations. Learn how to encrypt and hash data using cryptography features in PHP, including password hashing, libsodium, mcrypt, OpenSSL, CrackLib, and CSPRNG. Refresh on current industry standards and review cryptographic algorithms. Come ready to hash passwords, experiment with algorithm costs, and crack weak encryption using attacks from timing, brute force, and rainbow tables.


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Good overview of the topic most people find dry. Good Job

The "game" was good. I would have liked to have had a note in the description about a PC being mandatory. As it is written, it isn't clear a PC is required. I interpreted the "come ready" as a "prepared to take lots of notes". I would have liked to learn less about how it works and more about best practices or coding standards to make my programming more secure.