Do you really need to worry about using open source software in developing commercial applications? In this session we'll talk about the key risk areas, how to identify and quantify the risk, and what steps if any are needed to deal with the risks.

We've all heard about security risks and license compliance risks associated with OSS, but how do you identify these risks and how do you manage them? After this session, you'll have the information to better understand how to assess these risks. It will provide you with no nonsense steps to take to manage your OSS so you can rest easy and not worry if these issues will affect you or your business.

The session will include:

- Key risk areas and how to identify them
- Common use case scenarios
- Understanding and developing risk remediation strategies for OSS use


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Kevin Stich at 17:08 on 25 Oct 2017

I came out with a solid list of concerns that consumers of OSS should have and some best practices towards managing them and mitigating the risks. Didn't make note of the `composer licenses` subcommand to generate a list from your composer dependencies.