Programming is hard. Making compilers is harder. Or so people think. The truth is that making a compiler is just a series of small steps, using regular language constructs. It's so easy, we'll make one in this session. Many developers (especially those who are self-taught) believe the lie; that making compilers is too hard for them. That they lack the tools and knowledge to bring their ideas about programming languages to life. There's a lot of complex thinking that goes into mainstream compilers, but that's no reason not to try! We can make less efficient compilers and interpreters which enable the same amount of power and flexibility as mainstream compilers. We could use tools like Parser Expression Grammars or JISON, but this session will look at something even simpler. Let's build our own cross compilers using regular expressions and a stack. Let's implement our own programming languages, in real-time.


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Clint Priest at 12:11 on 24 Oct 2017

Great talk showing off new cross compiler with impressive demos. Thought the talk was not much about the title /description. Great talk anyways

John Fansler at 13:36 on 24 Oct 2017

As always I found your talk to be very intellectually stimulating! I thought you did a great job keeping us interested and moving forward without over-talking any particular aspect.

Not saying this talk was bad but I did feel the talk was not much about the original topic. I was hoping for a deeper dive into compiler deign vs just macros as find and replace. Still a good talk, will listen to again...

Ryan Heath at 16:42 on 24 Oct 2017

Initially disappointed with this talk as it was clear that it was not particularly related to the topic described which I was particularly interested in but the new topic was actually fascinating and I very much look forward to checking out YAY and preprocess. Thanks for the excellent introduction and demonstration on the power of these libraries