Isomorphic web applications (running the same code on the server and client) are all the rage because they provide the flexibility, extensibility, and consistency needed to build large and powerful "app-like" experiences on the web. How can we create them in PHP and WordPress? The answer is NodeifyWP. NodeifyWP is a framework that relies on the PHP extension V8Js and the Google V8 engine. It allows WordPress to execute Node.js within the theme. Pretty crazy, huh? It even makes WordPress’s hooks, filters, and functions available for use within JavaScript. This talk will cover the basics of isomorphic JavaScript and using NodeifyWP.


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Tony Stark at 20:13 on 23 Oct 2017

I dislike that you changed the topic theme the day before. I was looking forward to "You got JavaScript in my PHP..

* Teacher assumed we'd understand all the advantages of running WordPress in Node.js
* Assumed we knew what Node.js and React.js was (I did, but I would have been lost if not)
* Spewed a bunch of code without explaining what solution that code was intended to solve
* Stopped after nineteen minutes.

Ryan Szemplak at 08:30 on 26 Oct 2017

Talk only lasted 15 minutes. Also, did not like that the topic changed