In this session you'll learn about and practice basic PHP syntax, as well as how to access DB2 data to populate HTML documents. You'll learn about how to read input from the browser and dynamically build an HTML document using a combination of HTML, PHP, and SQL. We'll review the HTML tags for tables, forms, and input fields in order to create prompt screens and database inquiries. This session is geared toward the RPG programmer with limited or no experience developing PHP web applications.

This will be a self-guided lab – i.e., you will follow clear instructions from a printed lab guide, sometimes writing code from scratch, and sometimes using templates with key pieces missing, in order to maximize your time.

Rather than focus on language syntax directly, these exercises will teach you syntax through the applications you are building. In the process, you will also get exposure to some of the most important HTML tags that you need to create useful business applications with PHP. You’ll also get some experience using Zend Studio, the premier IDE for PHP development on IBM i.

IMPORTANT!! – LAPTOP REQUIREMENTS: This is a hands-on lab. To participate in this workshop, you will need to bring your own laptop, with the Zend Studio IDE installed, before arriving. You can download this from Choose the OS that runs on your laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux) and click the Download button. If you already have an older version of Zend Studio installed on your laptop, it should be fine, but I recommend version 10 or higher. Please see the release notes for the version of Zend Studio you are using for specific system requirements. If you have trouble getting Zend Studio installed, you can contact the instructor for assistance: [email protected] The server used is an IBMi server running DB2 and Zend Server, and this will be provided for you via remote access.


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