Developers would love to "automate all the things", but where do we start? What tools exist for automating? And what can actually be automated? If we don't have unit tests, can we still benefit from deployment automation? This session will show how a PHP application pulled from Git, complete with unit tests, Composer dependency management, and package creation, can be deployed flawlessly using Jenkins. Then see how "Dev" and "Ops" are supported by a system if the application breaks through automated rollbacks.


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Joe Cartonia at 18:08 on 24 Oct 2017

Very helpful with explaining how Jenkins is used to deploy. For beginners, it may a little bit much to intake. Presentation is solid. Questions answered well. I did like the demo with pass and fail tests. Nice to see all of that work done as localhost with Docker containers. A lot of insight into the pieces used in the process: phpunit, composer, any builds, etc.

Brian Johnson at 08:13 on 25 Oct 2017

Lots of good info here. Looking forward to the slides when they are shared.

Very helpful information. I learned a lot and hope to apply it soon!