Everybody talks about refactoring, but what's the best way to actually refactor a part of your application? Come watch a live session where we'll refactor a piece of code and come away with a well-designed solution. Along the way we'll learn how to spot candidates for refactoring, and pitfalls to avoid.


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Great 101 introduction to refactoring principles!

Ann Gaffigan at 11:33 on 26 Oct 2017

Great job presenting. And great information and instruction, thank you!

Tony Stark at 11:48 on 26 Oct 2017

One of the best talks of the 3 days. Great PHP examples along with the discussion.

Julian at 17:27 on 26 Oct 2017

Very well presented and thorough. If I had to listen to the talk again, I would love to hear more (and more examples) on SOLID.

Tim Ledlie at 10:20 on 27 Oct 2017

Great, clear presentation with good examples.

Elli at 11:26 on 27 Oct 2017

Great talk. Excellent overview, clear explanations and examples, helpful live code refactor.

Michael Hart at 08:05 on 30 Oct 2017

Great lecture! Good examples. Can we get your PowerPoint/slides that you used?