The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing how we interact with the digital world. In this session we’ll explore the implementation of real examples which bridge the gap between the physical and digital world using PHP: asking Alexa for information within a PHP application; displaying API data on an Arduino-powered display; using PHP to control LEDs on a Raspberry Pi to monitor application uptime; and connecting IR sensors to Slack to see whether a conference room is in use.


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Marc Snijman at 12:08 on 25 Oct 2017

I found the examples helpful and clear. I liked that instead of just a standalone example being given additional ideas to build upon it were provided. Some additional insights or links to resources would be nice as well, something along the lines of breadboard usage, soldering techniques etc.

Ryan Szemplak at 08:40 on 26 Oct 2017

Wish Colin had live demos but I wouldn't want to explain that to TSA either. It was a great talk and topic. Really made me want to connect every little thing to raspberry pi

I attended this talk not really knowing how to use PHP with IoT devices and left feeling confident I can go and make a smart connected device with my Raspberry Pis. Colin showed his experience and enthusiasm for building devices and gave clear and helpful technical details, including code examples. Great talk!