We've all been to the sessions about the tools for test driven development (TDD). But TDD is not just about writing tests, it's about driving development through testing. There's a very specific process of TDD with red, green, and blue phases. There's also different patterns, like outside-in or inside-out. In this session we'll focus on these practices by TDDing a common data structure from start to finish. You will gain experience and leave with tips to help them practice TDD in the real world.


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John Fansler at 16:54 on 24 Oct 2017

Great presentation skills! Loved the interactivity - not everyone can manage a room full of people interactively. Thanks for showing TDD so well and really making it make sense.

rodneyoliver at 22:14 on 24 Oct 2017

Jason is a great speaker. Keeps it interesting by challenging the audience and keeping us involved. He did a really good job on the live coding and explaining the thought process of how to do the simplest thing first. It went a little quick for me. I'm somewhat of a unit testing noob and would have gotten more from a slower pace.

Would definitely attend more of Jason's talks

Very interactive talk

John at 16:30 on 26 Oct 2017

Great presentation, really clear and engaging. However, it should have been marked as "beginner" not "intermediate". It was a very basic introduction to unit testing (and TDD).

Elli at 10:46 on 27 Oct 2017

Great presentation. Live coding a real example was a great idea. This talk was marked intermediate but was more of a beginner talk.

Chris Ostrom at 07:38 on 30 Oct 2017

I honestly can't picture somebody coming up with a better or more participatory, stream-of-consciousness demonstration of test-driven design. This talk really pulled me inside the process. Nice work!

Jason Davis at 12:34 on 31 Oct 2017

I wish there was a recording, TDD finally made sense

Dan Chao at 16:23 on 1 Nov 2017

Great presentation working through TDD. You caught us a few times jumping ahead in the steps!