Become a web security detective and join us as we look at some cases of compromised websites drawn from real-life events. We'll cover four tales of hacked sites, from uncovering the hack, to tracking down the root cause, to mitigating the problem. You'll learn techniques for trouble-shooting hacked sites and increase your awareness of common attacks. We aim to make web security more engaging by inviting session participants to use their creative problem-solving abilities to learn how to track down the causes of common website hacks. We'll also cover security issues unique to the Drupal content management system. While web security can be intimidating to beginners — including early-career web developers — it's not difficult to maintain a secure Drupal website. We'll share best practices and recommendations as to how to approach security for your site.


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Joe Cartonia at 10:08 on 26 Oct 2017

Good information on security. I likes the real past exploit examples.

It was interesting. A couple of examples of past security screw-ups. Since this is a dev conference - it could use some detailed info (source code would be nice).

Jason Davis at 12:51 on 31 Oct 2017

I would be interested to hear more stories on compromises that happen outside of shared hosting or known cms exploits.