The Zend PHP Certification is the industry standard to test a candidate's knowledge of PHP and to aid employers to select suitable developers. Learn what it takes to become a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) by one of the authors of the certification. We'll have a look at all topic areas, discuss common traps and required knowledge for each of them, and will provide you with background information on the test. The full-day tutorial will be conducted by the lead author of the certification and will feature a number of typical questions that resemble the layout of the actual test questions, giving you a realistic impression of the test itself and aiding you in self-assessing your current PHP knowledge.


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Ed Barnard at 11:57 on 24 Oct 2017

This talk was both authoritative and useful. Great explanation of test-taking strategies for the certification test. Good overview of the PHP language in general, as expected, focused on the level of information needed for the certification exam. I found it particularly useful that Christian highlighed what is specific to PHP 7.1.

Very nice overview of the PHP language and what we need for the certification.

Dick Donohue at 11:25 on 25 Oct 2017

As a php newbie, I knew I wasn't ready to take the test, but this session really helped me a) know what type of questions to expect and b) know what aspects (functions, concepts) of php are "important". Presumably, what is important to the test, are the important skills, knowledge that I'll need to be a good php developer.