Application security is more important than ever, but as enterprise architectures increase in size and complexity it is also more complex than ever. John Saboe got his start in application security from a developer perspective and has continued to be an advocate for building architectures the right way – including security concerns from the start – throughout his career. John will cover application security basics, demystifying some of the common terminology and standards, and introduce resources for further learning. He will also discuss examples from his own experiences as an application security consultant, as a developer, supporting architectures, and designing new architectures with security in mind.


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rodneyoliver at 19:33 on 17 Oct 2018

Informative and insightful. Especially like the references to the different threat types and vectors

PNaval at 21:51 on 18 Oct 2018

Obviously security is a huge topic to go through but I am appreciative of the practical ways presented on how to identify and prioritize which areas in our own system to secure.