The modern enterprise landscape is a hybrid of heterogeneous technologies and disparate endpoints. In this talk, we’ll discuss ways that you can leverage the flexibility and sophistication of ActiveMQ’s message processing and Camel’s normalized routing to federate your front-end applications with back end services. Beyond integration, we’ll discuss the user experience benefits that come with processing tasks asynchronously, rather than forcing a user to wait for a task to complete interactively. The ActiveMQ and Camel communities have made innovative leaps in the last few years, and we’ll look at what is available to you within these powerful, open source platforms.


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Summer Wilson at 11:20 on 16 Oct 2018

Mostly theory and didn't feel I learned anything more about ActiveMQ itself other than existed

PNaval at 06:42 on 17 Oct 2018

A lot of text I could have read on my own; would have been great to see actual ActiveMQ practical or ‘real-world’ example (how & why)