Do you need to build an API? Are you paralyzed by the choices you need to make: What representation format to use, how to present errors, how to authenticate users? Will you be starting with a few endpoints, or many? Or gradually growing your API? Expressive is a middleware microframework that is incredibly suited to building APIs — particularly because we also provide packages for each of these API responsibilities.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate buidling a REST API using Expressive. It will provide representations using Hypermedia Application Language, error handling in Problem Details for HTTP APIs format, authentication using OAuth2, and demonstrate common concerns such as data validation and authorization.


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Marco Kaiser at 15:37 on 15 Oct 2018

Nice insight, good for beginners. As a exp. user easy to get started and start digging into the code. Just fork the git repo and play around.

Good tutorial on using the expensive-api-skeleton to build apis.

Brian Johnson at 10:17 on 16 Oct 2018

Good intro to expressive and simple APIs w/ middleware. Would be interested in getting a copy of the slide deck.

Adrian Burden at 15:30 on 16 Oct 2018

good talk, but always need more time for hands on.

Stan Sisneros at 05:51 on 19 Oct 2018

I got more out of it than just explaining about expressive tools and things that I will be needing to use.

Cody Moss at 22:34 on 22 Oct 2018

Lots of good information. Really helpful. I have been wanting to look at expressive for a long time. Really excited to hear about all the cool things expressive is doing. The hands on bit could use a little bit of work. Make it a little more interactive. Other then that great work shop you have here Enrico!