Did you know that Docker can be used to validate tools that help deliver defect-free code for life-critical applications?

In this tutorial, we’ll offer hands-on learning for launching, provisioning, re-using, and sharing Dockers containers as developed by the Klocwork static code analysis team for its build and test infrastructure. Recently moving away from the traditional virtual machine environment, Docker significantly boosted the reliability and turnaround time of both software builds and tests, ensuring that the tools that validate safety- and mission-critical code maintain a high level of quality.

Workshop attendees will:

- Discover the difference between containers and virtual machines
- Learn how to download Docker images, and from what locations
- Become familiar with the essential Docker commands
- Learn how to provision Docker images, creating the right container for your needs
- Determine how containers interact with the host and the multitude of available run-time options


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Julian at 15:40 on 15 Oct 2018

Great talk. Delivered exactly what it promised.

PNaval at 16:01 on 15 Oct 2018

Good pacing; concept was broken down clearly.

Chris Ostrom at 07:14 on 25 Oct 2018

Great talk! Very clear, comprehensive, and comprehensible discussion of docker.