A tour through different useful applications of serverless computing and tools to use across different cloud providers, followed up with a walkthrough of a completely serverless application that I built to demonstrate some of those uses. I first go through what serverless computing really is and clear up some confusion that arises around serverless computing versus frameworks that have adopted the name. This leads into a brief tour of the popular serverless frameworks that are out there and how useful each one is.

This is followed by a tour of cloud provider’s serverless offerings (AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, IBM Whisk), then a high level overview of the application I built and what it consists of, and things to watch out for when you build a fully serverless application.


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Brian Johnson at 15:37 on 17 Oct 2018

A good, high level introduction to serverless computing. Maybe on the next iteration use some of the extra time to get into some of the technical details of the POC. Maybe the code design, or the actual deployment mechanics.

PNaval at 17:29 on 17 Oct 2018

Good high level intro; would love to see more of the technical aspect of it (perhaps a demo?) seeing that it ended a lot early.

Aditya D at 13:02 on 19 Oct 2018

awsome talk and details