If you’re new to Docker, the lingo can be more than a little daunting. Containers? Stacks? Images? Services? What’s the difference between “docker stack ls vm” vs. “docker service ls”? What are all those toggles and do I need them? Where did all my logs go, and what the heck is a swarm? In this presentation, we’ll go over the lingo and explain some of the hidden gems in the list of commands that every developer should know.


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Julian at 20:17 on 16 Oct 2018

Dana, I think the contents of the talk were great but maybe I could have done without the live demos. As a member of the audience I think more often than not live demos get in the way of the presentation flow and waste a lot of valuable time that could maybe used to get more content across. Some presenters like Lorna Jane Mitchell show short pre-recorded screencasts of the "live" part of the demo, so people see the things being executed in real time as she talks but there's zero chance of errors happening. Again, as I'm sitting there, I don't care if the commands are being executed live or are part of a slideshow as long as the content is there.

Useful information on docker cli options

Trever Mills at 09:12 on 17 Oct 2018

A good breakdown for new people to docker.

Chris Ostrom at 07:21 on 25 Oct 2018

Great talk! I disagree with the last reviewer. I think the live demo was both helpful and instructive. You also did an awesome job breaking down the nomenclature and concepts into practical summaries. Thanks!