We all know how frustrating it can be when we deal with IBM i DB2 naming conventions in our codebase. Let me show you why and how Doctrine can take a lot of the frustration away. I will explain everything that is needed to get you started, down to the different query options.

Please find the slides on slideshare under https://www.slideshare.net/GuidoFaecke1/doctrine-on-ibmi


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Ben Roberts at 10:56 on 19 Oct 2018

This was a great talk about using Doctrine for its database abstraction layer with DB2 on IBMi. The mention and demonstration of some of its other benefits (e.g. database schema versioning, management and deployment using "migrations") would have helped convey other powerful benefits of Doctrine, and would have helped clarify the "payoff" for the time that would be invested in adopting it.