Whether you’re building an application in a DevOps + Security culture or have already bridged the gap with DevSecOps, the task remains the same: How do you ensure that security best practices are understood, architected for, and integrated into your application from day one and remain relevant year one. During this talk, I’ll focus on how to achieve these goals amidst the ever changing landscape of people, process, and technology in the cloud, in the context of various compute environments like instances, containers and serverless functions, and how to do so using off-the-shelf AWS services and features. I’ll complete the story by accompanying this discussion with a reference application architecture and examples. Attendees of this talk will receive actionable best practices and guidance, with specific implementation details for AWS using PHP and the AWS PHP SDK.


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PNaval at 21:39 on 18 Oct 2018

Great starting off point for those just starting at looking into how to apply security in their architecture.