You may have heard about the latest news with open source: RPM’s! As a system administrator, you may have lots of questions:

- What does this mean for me?
- Why the switch?
- What new skills do I need?
- How do I sanely manage open source on my system?

Come to this session to demystify the bold new world of RPM’s!

Also, learn about containers. We’ll introduce the ibmichroot (IBM i Chroot) open source project. Think of this technology being similar to being able to create a bunch of micro instances of IBM i all on a single instance of IBM i. This technology is excellent for those running applications in PASE such as Node.js, Ruby, Python, and PHP.


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Ben Roberts at 11:12 on 19 Oct 2018

Jesse's talk on IBMi open source was excellent. It plainly and practically demonstrated installing and managing many popular open source packages on IBMi (e.g. Git Client, Node.js) using tools familiar to anyone having dealt with the Redhat/CentOS Linux distributions (e.g. YUM) and also provided an early look at container isolation on IBMi using chroot. I'd be interested in obtaining the slides when they're posted.