MariaDB is the new open source drop-in replacement for MySQL that has been adopted by IBM for use on Power Linux and IBM i. ZendDBi is the installer provided by Rogue Wave Software for installation of MariaDB on the IBM i.

In this session, we’ll show how to use ZendDBi to install MariaDB and provide some important tips for post-installation. We’ll also demonstrate troubleshooting some common installation issues. While most installations of MariaDB are trouble free, the troubleshooting procedures will give us a chance to understand a bit more about the operation of MariaDB on the IBM i. It’ll also give us the opportunity to explore some concepts on IBM i that may not be familiar to some RPG programmers.


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Ben Roberts at 11:03 on 19 Oct 2018

Rod did a great job demonstrating the install process for MariaDB on IBMi. To add to the excitement, the author himself, Monty Widenius, was in the session providing comments and constructive criticism throughout. Being a participate in this session was a rare and enjoyable experience.