Building PHP applications using domain-driven design (DDD) techniques results in code that is easier to modify, maintain, test, and makes for a better user experience. In this hands-on tutorial, you will become versed in the best practices for solving problems in PHP from start to finish.
You will learn to:
– Discover a ubiquitous language and identify changes in the design of PHP classes, methods, and problem solving
– Assemble an incorruptible domain model in PHP by encapsulating business logic in immutable value objects, specifications, and entities
– Employ best practices for persisting and accessing entities and aggregate roots in Doctrine and Zend DB and Hydrator
– Use advanced PHP object-oriented techniques to simplify code and reduce state complexity
– Plan for change by using the Hexagonal Architecture Pattern
– Evaluate when and how to use CQRS techniques
– Write your own DIY event sourcing and use libraries like EventSauce and Prooph
– Introduce DDD to a “legacy” codebase
– Discover recommended resources for learning more about applying DDD in PHP


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PNaval at 16:04 on 15 Oct 2018

Covered a lot of topics which were accompanied by concrete examples

PNaval at 21:17 on 19 Oct 2018

Could the link to the slides be included here so I can share with my team?

Cody Moss at 22:31 on 22 Oct 2018

Helped clear up the confusion some of us have at work. The talk really broke down the information in to really understandable chunks. The hands on helped out as well.