Microservices are the latest shift in architectural design. Learn how implementing Kafka with your microservices architecture can allow for rapid and reliable inter-service communication. In this talk, we will demonstrate how Kafka communicates reliably between different services, how Kafka and Zookeeper interact, and how to establish availability and durability in your messaging framework. Finally, we will discuss the differences between Kafka and ActiveMQ, and which one is better for your architecture.


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Trever Mills at 09:09 on 17 Oct 2018

Very good info on Kafka.

Brian Johnson at 11:22 on 17 Oct 2018

Provided some surface comparison between Kafka and other queueing solutions, which was nice. Would have been better to have some in-depth PHP info. Or, any PHP info. All code examples focused on Java. I guess this is a reflection of Zendcon's new expanded scope?