This talk will cover what Kubernetes is and the working bits of Kubernetes, and even show examples of some of the components. It is a good starting place for PHP developers to get a grip with Kubernetes and start thinking about or even start using it. The talk also covers how Docker and Kubenetes work together to make a great infrastructure. I will also cover the self healing part of Kubernetes and why you would want to use Kubernetes.


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Trever Mills at 09:10 on 17 Oct 2018

Lots of good examples to take away from this presentation.

Shelley Evans at 18:09 on 18 Oct 2018

This talk covered a lot of material at a level not too complicated for newbies like me. Cody is very knowledgeable about the topic and both went into detail where it was warranted, and touched on many great points for further research.

The talk followed a logical progression and was clear and understandable. Great job - I would love the slides to share with my team!

Thank you!