A journey through the history of MySQL and MariaDB highlighting the unique relationship between MySQL and PHP.

Monty will look at key events from when MySQL was created to the sale of MySQL, the creation of MariaDB, and how MariaDB has replaced MySQL in almost all Linux distributions.

The talk will also cover the most unique features of MariaDB that sets it apart from MySQL.


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Dana Luther at 11:30 on 17 Oct 2018

This was a fascinating keynote - I loved seeing the personal history of something that I use every day and can sometimes take for granted.

Summer Wilson at 11:55 on 17 Oct 2018

Great talk and really helped me see the benefits of moving to MariaDB. Wish there hadn't been as much echo though, as with all the keynotes it was hard to hear parts due to the it.

Shelley Evans at 19:43 on 21 Oct 2018

Enjoyed this trip down MySQL memory lane, and learning about the inception of Maria DB. Monty is an interesting character and clearly passionate about his project. There humorously seems to be no love lost from Monty for Oracle - good, engaging talk. Thank you!