The MySQL Document Store is a NoSQL JSON document store that gives developers the ability to store data without setting up relational tables, finding a DBA, normalizing data. or using Structured Query Language (SQL). No more embedding messy strings of SQL in your beautiful code. By taking advantage of the MySQL’s new X Devapi, you can can do all the Create, Replace, Update, and Delete (CRUD) functions from within PHP (or your other programming language of choice). You get the best of both worlds as you can access your data with or without SQL on a stable well known technology that provides data replication and transactions.

The session heavily covers how to build the X DevapI PECL extension, using the MySQL Document Store from PHP, and ways to exploit this new feature for your benefit. Plenty of programming examples so you can walk out knowing how to use the MySQL Document Store.


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Summer Wilson at 23:04 on 16 Oct 2018

Short, but insightful into the new document store. Was worth learning of it and a bit about it. Would have liked to see a more real world example of usage in a PHP app though.