DB2Sock is an open source utility created by IBM that allows you access your DB2 data from any web language—including Javascript—without the need for DB2 connection functions. Learn how to use DB2Sock to query your DB2 data or call RPG/CL/COBOL programs using examples in Python and PHP.

Bonus material will include how to contribute to this open source project.


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rodneyoliver at 18:44 on 17 Oct 2018

good intro introduction to DB2sock. Its a very new project, didn't expect that it was going that new. Due to the newness some information was incomplete, I felt. Having said that, I thought the information that was presented provided enough insight to pursue further

Ben Roberts at 10:45 on 19 Oct 2018

Thanks for the great talk on DB2Sock. I'm interested in possibly contributing to the proposed PHP OOP wrapper/API for DB2Sock, also in the slides from the presentation, but the link appears to be broken.