Yes, “PHP-1701-A” or better known as “Enterprise PHP” really is a thing. Enterprise level companies do have conventions when choosing what frameworks, libraries, and tools are used by employees to create their applications. Some are obvious, while others are hidden and not what we’d normally think.

In this talk we will discuss elements and characteristics that are considered by enterprises, and what should be included. Attendees will learn how to better choose or create “Enterprise Ready” applications, and possibly what they should consider in their day to day coding.


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Summer Wilson at 23:09 on 16 Oct 2018

Gave me a much better idea of what is and is not an enterprise ready application, and how to better evaluate potential projects in the future for being enterprise ready. Good insight and a clearer understanding of how my boss evaluates the products we use.

Shelley Evans at 19:36 on 21 Oct 2018

This talk was a great checklist of the most important attributes to consider when evaluating or creating custom applications. Not only was this a good roadmap, the advice sprinkled throughout gave me research material for weeks! I particularly found the portion about the future of enterprise software to be valuable - this is a talk every dev manager should review. I always appreciate Adam's accessibility and insight. Thank you!