Need to build a RESTful API in weeks versus months? In this talk, we will cover the biggest PHP Frameworks and what they offer towards building APIs quickly. We will show example APIs with frameworks built in Zend 3, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.6, CakePHP 4, and some micro-frameworks like Lumen and Slim. We will cover some clear differences in each framework and share my experience working with a few of them in the real world. We’ll cover best practices like versioning, testing, proper logging, and error handling, security, docs, and more. I’ll share the pros and cons of architectural decisions you need to make when building an API and ways to improve performance. There are also many different API development tools, libraries, and platforms we will touch on like “API Platform,” FOSRestBundle,, Apigility, and a few other notable mentions. After this talk, you should have a basic understanding of your options out there in the PHP ecosystem and have a better insight into what suits your needs best.


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rodneyoliver at 19:27 on 17 Oct 2018

Great overview of the various options and frameworks for building APIs with PHP. I found the pros and cons very helpful.